AMP is on sale thru January 31st!

AMPlify Your Sales

Automated Marketing Platform for Promotional Products Distributors

Stay top-of-mind

Stay top-of-mind with all your clients consistently through beautiful outbound marketing using content from your preferred suppliers.

Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to get started and you literally can set it and forget it!

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools to generate sales. Use AMP to send 20 fresh branded product ideas to your clients as often as every week.

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Consistent marketing

Social media is a timely way to promote the latest and greatest branded product ideas. Consistently posting quality content to social platforms will position your company as a market leader in the eyes of your clients.

Use AMP to post beautiful promo content to Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter up to twice a week.

We use AI, machine learning, and humans to create trending product posts for your business.

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AMPlify Your Sales in 3 Easy Steps

your suppliers
your list
your social

$10K sale

"I'm a huge fan of AMP! It's always great to receive requests for quotes from our AMP email campaigns, but I received my favorite request recently when we were asked to quote a featured pen. The initial quantity was quoted and we sent them a virtual sample. My client loved the price and their logo on the product so much that they increased the quantity and placed an order that resulted in a $10K+ sale! Did I mention I'm a huge fan of PromoPulse and AMP?!"
Becky Duckett, ROBYN Promotions

Sales increase

"AMP allows us to tailor our emails to our needs, driving our company messaging home to our clients, and keeping quality product ideas, with beautiful lifestyle photos, in front of buyers at all times. In just a few short months, we have seen an increase in click through, purchases made directly from the products presented in the monthly email, and better engagement by our clients in advance of upcoming events. AMP has been a big asset in keeping our sales pipeline full!"
Kara Keister, Social Good Promotions

Social success

"I use social media as a validation tool for my clients. I have been trying to scale my business and just have not found the right team member to help with producing content. AMP makes it very easy for me to post trending branded products consistently across multiple social platforms."
Christine Marion, Kool Stuff

Reconnect with lost clients

"I’m beyond thrilled! My main contact at one of my largest accounts left last year and I have been unable to get a response from anyone at the company until today's AMP email campaign. They now want me to quote several products and have scheduled an in person meeting! AMAZING!"
Shannon Loredo, Business Branders

AMP is on sale thru January 31st!


Email Only
$ 99 /MO
  • 1,000 email sends per month
  • Customize email & landing page
  • Choose preferred suppliers
  • *May include sponsored content

2 months free when you pay annually

Only $1089


Email + Social
$ 199 /MO
  • 5,000 email sends per month
  • Post to social media: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  • Customize email & landing page
  • Choose preferred suppliers
  • Only content from your suppliers

3 months free when you pay annually

Only $1990

  • Over 5,000 emails per month?
  • Interested in group pricing?
  • Group control over content
  • Lists for each salesperson
  • For large groups and regionals


Are there any contracts or obligations?
No, and you can try it free for the first 30 days.

Can I customize my branding and messages?
Yes! You can upload your logo and contact information. We will have a stock subject line ready for each email, but you can submit your own.

How often do you send email?
Up to once a week. Distributors have complete control over the frequency of their outbound campaigns.

What social media platforms do you support?
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Can I still post to my social pages if I'm using AMP?
Yes, you can still post content to your social pages. AMP simply augments what you are already posting.

How often can you post to social media?
Up to twice a week on all three platforms.

Does it show net pricing?
No, we only show end user friendly content.

How is this different from other email programs?
We are the only fully automated, consistent marketing system where promotional products distributors can choose the suppliers they wish to feature in their outbound campaigns.

How automated is it?
If you wish, you can “set it and forget it”! Once you set the frequency, your emails will always be scheduled until you turn them off. We will have a default subject line each email, you can use this or write your own.

What if I don’t want to send an email the next time?
You're in control, just let us know.

When I get an order inquiry, how do I know which supplier the product is from?
Distributors have the ability to see the original post including supplier name.

Will everyone who picked the same suppliers send out the same emails?
Not necessarily. There is enough content produced in our industry that, depending on timing, each distributors’ marketing will generally look unique.

When my customer clicks on a post in the email, where do they go?
You have a custom landing page, stylized with your logo and company info, that includes a contact form and a large post image. We will send you a notification whenever you have an information request.

What kind of statistics do you provide?
We will provide you open and click rates for your campaigns, plus aggregate information across the entire system.

How do you pick which posts are end user friendly?
We use a combination of machine learning and human curation.

How many contacts can I send email to? I have a large list.
There is no limit on the number of contacts or emails you can send as long as you have permission to email and does not violate CAN-SPAM.

How is this different from PromoPulse?
PromoPulse is our company name and our main product is supplier-to-distributor while AMP is distributor-to-consumer.

What if the same customer is on my competitor's list? Will they get the same email?
It’s not likely depending on timing and supplier list.

I already send regular emails to my customers with branding and marketing ideas that do not include products. I worry they will not be receptive to product-based emails and unsubscribe. What options do you have for this?
First of all, this is a separate system so your customers can unsubscribe to this without unsubscribing to your other email. We recommend the first time you send an AMP email to your customers that you include a message like: “This is a new email with trending product ideas for you every X week/month. If you do not wish to receive these products, please unsubscribe below. It will not affect your regular emails.”

What if we have multiple sales people with their own client lists?
The distributor company can choose their preferred suppliers and branding while allowing each sales person to customize their message and send to their own lists. Group pricing is available!

What is the cost? Do you give discounts for distributor groups?
Current pricing is shown above. We do have discounts for certain distributor group partners and regional associations. Distributor companies with multiple sales people and their own lists qualify for group pricing.

What suppliers are participating? Can I add or remove certain suppliers?
Any supplier that is producing content suitable for end users is automatically participating. Distributors can add or remove suppliers from their content list. Economy plan members will potentially have sponsored posts from suppliers outside their list.

Is this compatible with Mailchimp or other email systems?
Yes, we can provide you with an HTML file to send through Mailchimp and any other email system that allows for custom HTML.

We only send email to customers that have been verified by their distributors.


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