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We monitor 2,250 information sources in the advertising specialties industry so you don’t have to. Every day view timely social posts, videos, blogs, specials, offers, and products from suppliers, service providers, PPAI, ASI, and thought leaders in one convenient location.

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See new product ideas from suppliers and influencers, get daily inspiration and business knowledge from thought leaders, read about trending industry topics from your peers, and watch videos from suppliers to help you better sell promotional products.

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Follow your favorite content publishers to customize your experience. Quickly and easily search for anything happening inside the branded merchandise ecosystem.

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In only 10 minutes a day, you will get a complete view of the current state of the swag universe. Save interesting posts, collect product ideas, sign up for notifications from your favorite vendors, and easily share content with your customers and colleagues.

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"I'm really excited there is finally a new app for our industry."

"I’ve found it so helpful for staying updated on industry news."

"I love opening up the daily digest each morning and finding an idea, product suggestion or something I can share with my clients. PromoPulse is definitely filling a hole by delivering useful info directly versus having to spend a huge amount of time (that I don't have) searching for ideas/info."

"I love the "save it for later" feature. There are so many pieces of content I come across that I don't always have time in the moment to read or watch - having them saved in the same place is great."

"It's like Pinterest for promo. I like how I can save posts for ideas later!"

"I can't believe how much promo content I was missing."

"I like getting notifications on my Apple Watch from the suppliers I follow!"

"#NoPromoFOMO? Love it!"

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